★Deni★, 17. spain. fangirl; multifandom

way too involved in tv shows and band members.
i have 99 problems and all of them are fictional characters.
otp's ruined my life.

"I feel really happy on stage. On stage and in bed are a par." 

derek ‘i totally meant to do that’ hale (。♥‿♥。)


we’re listening to the radio in class and amnesia came on and this guy was like “why would u wanna wake up with amnesia?” and this other guy was like “to forget about the stupid little things bro”

premiere of ‘Birdman’ 2014 Venice Film Festival

I know you can hear me. Just listen to my v o i c e.


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I want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but I’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza. 




for the rest of my life whenever i see this color i’ll be reminded of all the hours i wasted on the internet


sorry that color is #2C4762

Tumblrs is #2B4864

image Actually, it’s coral blue #3

I felt excited to go to school, and that scared me. I knew it wasn’t the stimulating learning environment I was anticipating, or seeing my new set of friends. If I was being honest with myself, I knew I was eager to get to school because I would see Edward Cullen. And that was very, very stupid.